Alside Vinyl Siding

Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free

More than a shield against the elements, Alside vinyl siding delivers a one-two punch against cold, wind and rain by wrapping the home in a durable and attractive blanket of foam. Their cold-busting Prodigy® insulated siding adds a full 1½” thick protective layer to the exterior, yet breathes freely and will not retain moisture, making it a perfect choice for cold climate construction or older homes plagued by poor or inadequate insulation. Plus, this siding has the additional benefit of promoting a quieter, healthier home by absorbing exterior noise that might otherwise be conducted through walls. Alside offers a variety of vinyl siding products and price points to help contractors hit their numbers, including their bestselling Charter Oak® featuring thick (.046”), 16-foot X 8-inch panels available in a host of colors that perfectly mimic the look and feel of freshly painted oak. And like all forms of Alside vinyl siding, the weather resistant pigment will continue to hold its finish, without scraping or repainting, season after season, year after year. These products are available in a selection of classic profiles including clapboard, Dutch lap, and board-and-batten, and in a host of widths and thicknesses, wood textures, and colors. Finally, because of our long association with this company (50-plus years!), Tri-State Builder’s Supply can tout the ability to guarantee the availability of these products. Our northern building season is short, we’ll get you what you need in short order.