Bayer Built Doors

At Tri-State Builder’s Supply, we take great pride in seeking out products well suited to the rigors of our northern climate. Bayer Built Doors are a prime example. Bayer Built is a name synonymous with superior all-weather performance: the company is located in Minnesota, so they know a thing or two about designing and building for cold, snow, and wet transitional seasons—in fact, they’ve made it a focus. The result is Bayer’s exclusive Acclimated Entry Systems line of exterior doors (wood, fiberglass, or steel): an integrated system of rot-proof door frames, innovative weather sealing, composite sills, and door units designed and built to meet the extreme conditions of our unpredictable climate. Available in a multitude of designs, materials, features and finishes—including meticulous pre-finishing—a Bayer Built Door is a northern builder’s dream door. Toss in the fact that they also make amazing interior doors, everything from traditional raised panels to stylish French doors, and that being located in our region means availability and delivery are fast and reliable, and it’s easy to see why Bayer Built tops our list.