Edco ArrowLine® Permanent Steel Roofing

A True Forever Roof

The market share for steel roofing is growing as more and more northern homeowners look for alternatives that will truly stand the tests of time and weather. ArrowLine® Permanent Steel Roofing by Edco is a steel product that has been enhanced with texture to mimic either wood shakes or slate. Fade resistant coloring and shading add dimension and realism to the texturing. The tooling also supplies extra rigidity to resist hail damage and the low friction steel readily sloughs snow to prevent heavy build-ups. In the summer months, the roofing earns an Energy Star rating by virtue of its ability to reflect heat and keep a home noticeably cooler. Although an Edco steel roof is more expensive in the short term, it is the last roof a homeowner will ever buy; Edco touts it as a “forever roof” because it has a true lifetime non-prorated transferrable warranty. For contractors looking to set themselves apart, for homeowners looking for make a one time investment that will result in years of maintenance-free peace of mind and added resale value, an Edco steel roof is the perfect solution.