Edco Steel Siding

Iron-clad Strength and Durability

At Tri-State Builder’s Supply, all the companies and products we rep are rock-solid. Edco takes it a step further: steel.  A manufacturer of steel siding and metal soffits and fascia, these products are for the builder seeking to armor a house against the most adverse conditions. The Big Bad Wolf had nothing on the winds of an upper Midwest winter, and tightly-seamed Edco steel siding provides serious cladding against even the most aggressive huffing and puffing. The clean steel panels are finished with a durable color coating selected from Edco’s palette of fade-resistant, nature-inspired hues that won’t rust, chip or peel, making this a virtually maintenance free product. Edco steel siding also promotes energy efficiency by deflecting heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. And like Tri-State, the Edco company is based in Minnesota, so availability is assured and delivery is reliable and efficient, with transport costs kept to a minimum.