Evergrain Decking and Railing by Tamko

A Deck You’ll Spend Time Enjoying, Rather Than Maintaining

Everyone loves the look of freshly stained cedar decking, but unfortunately, thanks to our 4-season climate, it’s a pleasure that is too short-lived—especially when two or three weekends every other summer are spent re-applying stain. Thankfully, composite decking can deliver comparable aesthetics without the commitment of time and hard work. Evergrain Decking is compression molded (formed) rather than extruded, resulting in a deep grain and no repeated patterns within a single length. Unlike real wood, however, it’s chemically engineered to be a durable, weather resistant and stable product—no swelling or cracking, warping or rot. And because the color permeates the material, it will never require staining or painting. In fact, other than an occasional washing, Evergrain Decking—along with Tamko’s accessory railing product—is virtually maintenance free.