GAF Timberline® Architectural Shingles

The Standard By Which Shingles Are Measured

As the largest national manufacturer of asphalt roofing, GAF is a name everyone knows and the shingle foremost in every mind. The flagship of GAF’s line is their laminated Timberline® architectural shingle. These shingles have been engineered to resemble a wood shake and are available in a selection of gradated shades designed to blend organically with any color siding or brick to promote a harmoniously pleasing and aesthetic home exterior. The Timberline shingle is also offered in specialty forms to answer the rigors of our northern climate, including hail (ArmorShield™ II) and heat reflection for greater energy efficiency (Cool Series). GAF has more than one horse in the game, however: they produce a variety of other asphalt shingles designed to mimic everything from clay tiles to rustic wood to English slate. Whether your roof caps a Ranch home or a Tudor, GAF has you covered.